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We are proud to work with all the Catholic schools across our two local authority areas, particularly as the Trust grows and benefits from the expertise and knowledge that other schools joining in the future will bring.

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Design & Technology Curriculum Intent


We are committed as a school to develop a positive school culture towards Design Technology within school but also externally within our school community. We want to develop children’s Design Technology preferences and many important lifelong learning skills which will develop their Design Technology abilities for example: technical skills, knowledge of how things work or need to be designed and built, problem solving, organisation skills, communication skills and creativity. These skills will develop a life-long love for Design Technology and allow links to be developed in the world of work.

Pupils will

  • be confident to work independently using original ideas, taking creative risks, and producing innovative designs and models
  • have effective working practices in group, paired and independent work following a design process in the way they approach tasks
  • understand the importance of research in the design process and carry it out asking questions to collect quality information
  • make ethical and sustainable choices in the materials they work with
  • independently select and use appropriate tools effectively and safely
  • apply mathematical skills to inform their decisions and choices
  • manage risk and work safely

Design and Technology Curriculum Implementation

  • EYFS learn Design and Technology through the delivery of focussed group teaching sessions and continuous provision, relevant and appropriate to their needs and in line with the development matters document EYFS follow.
  • The curriculum is planned in milestone phases to deliver the National Curriculum Programmes of study over a two-year period with opportunity to revise and revisit learning and build on skills and knowledge.
  • Year 1 to 6 Design and Technology will be delivered through a unit of learning every other half term. This will be delivered via a mixture of weekly lessons and blocked learning time as appropriate to the skills and knowledge being delivered in the lesson.
  • Time will be taken to review previous learning and link it the new skills and knowledge being delivered.
  • Relevant visits/visitors and enrichment will take place each academic year, providing opportunities to understand the role of Design and Technology in the wider world.
  • Explicit teaching of skills and vocabulary to support independent creative learning.
  • Explicit teaching of how to use tools and equipment safely and effectively.
  • Clear links will be made with Mathematics, Science, Computing and Literacy to inform the skills needed in the design process.

Design and Technology Curriculum Impact

Pupils will

  • understand and apply the design process
  • work safely and independently making informed choices assessing the risk involved
  • talk about their own work, the work of professional designers and evaluate using appropriate vocabulary
  • have an enjoyment and interest in the subject
  •  be ready for further study