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We are proud to work with all the Catholic schools across our two local authority areas, particularly as the Trust grows and benefits from the expertise and knowledge that other schools joining in the future will bring.

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Geography Curriculum Intent

It is our intent when teaching the Geography curriculum, that we develop the enjoyment and sense of curiosity about the world and the diversity of the people who live in it. We strive to instil the importance of Geography and how children can use Geography in their adult lives. Children will be able to know where places are, how places are connected, interdependent and how human and physical geography interrelate. It is our intention that children will have an age appropriate working base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary. We want children to be confident and fluent in the use of questioning and enquiry skills, be able to reach clear conclusions and develop a reasoned argument, using field work techniques and confidently applying geographical skills, equipment and techniques.

Geography Curriculum Implementation

  • EYFS learn geography through the delivery of focussed group teaching sessions relevant and appropriate to their needs and in line with the development matters document.
  • The curriculum is planned in milestone phases to deliver the National Curriculum Programs of study over a two-year period with opportunity to revise and revisit learning and build on skills and knowledge.
  • Year 1 to 6 Geography will be delivered through three half termly themes planned across a milestone phase with appropriate differentiation in skills, knowledge and vocab taught to each year group.
  • Taught in a weekly lesson as a discrete subject with a skill and knowledge content.
  • Opportunity to collect, interpret and use data.
  • Opportunities to make connections with the world in which they live, the wider world and global issues.
  • Opportunities to build cultural capital and demonstrate Geographical skills and knowledge outside the classroom.

Geography Curriculum Impact

Pupils will

  • know the basic human and physical geographical features of our world.
  • enjoy and a have a lifelong love and interest in the people and places of the world.
  • understand the relevance of Geography to the world we live and work in.
  • be motivated and interested to ask and find answers to geographical questions.
  • have the skills to use maps, plans, data, research tools and simple instruments to find and use information in geographical enquiry.

Geography Overview