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Family Support

Halifax Opportunities Trust are working with UCL and Race Equality Foundation to offer Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme free and are looking for people to take part in their latest programme.  Please click here to find more details.

Noah’s Ark Centre Debt Advice in Halifax are working on a project looking to provide advice and guidance to families that are struggling at the moment, it is called Never Hungry Again. They look to support local families in getting to a better place, providing support and advice on : –
• Financial advice
• provide emergency food support
• Budgeting planning
• support/ provide payment for utility bills
• employment / learning
They have produced a recipe book which we will save to our website, and YouTube videos to share recipes about cooking on a budget, it contains
  •  14 recipes
  •  reasons that you may be struggling financially (which we can help people with)
  •  our contact details
The Youtube channel is