Sacred Heart
Catholic Voluntary Academy

Love · Faith · Truth

Star Worker

Star Worker Spring 2018 


Gabriella and Blake

Paige and Darcey

Zac and Bridget

Max and Farrah

Sonny and Darcey



Layton and Lucian

Nevaeh and Jacob

Boe-Blossom and Stanley P

Archie and Jovi

Kenny and Jack



Archie and Lotti

Erica and Ronnie

Maya and Isobel

Billy and Poppy


Darcey and Thomas



Morgan and Joshua

Daisy and Finnley

Charlie and Jayden

Charlie and Morgan

Harvey and Zak

Lexi and Loghan



Charlie and Rodrigo

Leo and Scarlett

Lewis and Scarlett

Tylor and Evie

Sophie and Alfie

Harryson and Millie



Matthew and Annie

Lennon and Isobel

Noah and Emily

Kieran and Evie

Lennon and Thomas

Keelan and Harrison


Great Oaks 

Harrison, Evan, Rebecca M and Millie

Rebecca R and Molly

Vivien and Elisa

Luke and Katie

Kai and Maddison